Please note that delivery will only ship during working days, orders placed during the weekend or non working days will be carried over to the next working day, for any enquiries concerning deliveries chat the next online agent.

We will deliver to your door step unless you request to come pickup your item.  when an order is confirmed we will deliver to the address. in a case where the customer is not met we will deliver 2times in  3days and the order will be cancelled. 


SMALL ITEMS: Phone/Tablet accessories, Powerbank, Jewelry, Phones& tablets, Hair extension, T-Shirt, Dress, Top, Kids' clothing, Make-up, Perfume, Wristwatch and other items in same weight categories as mentioned.

MID- ITEMS: Microwave, DVD Player, Videos Cameras, Board Games, Shoes, Laptop, and other items in same weight categories as mentioned.

LARGE- ITEMS : Dishwasher, Fridge/Freezer, Fitness equipments, Home furniture, Mirror, Rug, Musical instrument, Television, Air Conditioning,